Coaches 2011-12 Season Athletics Directory
Rob Spear Athletic Director (208) 885-0243 eMail Rob Spear
Matt Kleffner Associate Athletic Director for Administration (208) 885-0214 eMail Matt Kleffner
Tim Mooney Associate Athletic Director for External Operations (208) 885-0258 eMail Tim Mooney
Carl Hunt Faculty Athletic Representative (208) 885-6932 eMail Carl Hunt
John Wallace Associate Athletic Director for Compliance and Eligibility (208) 885-0219 eMail John Wallace
Donna Howard Administrative Assistant (AD, T&F, Soccer, S&D, VB, WBB) (208) 885-0243 eMail Donna Howard
Shelley McLam Administrative Assistant (FB, MBB, Tennis) (208) 885-0275 eMail Shelley McLam
Margaret Sayler Administrative Assistant (Reception, Academics, Compliance) (208) 885-2692 eMail Margaret Sayler
Margaret Henderson Financial Technician / Business Office / Golf / Personnel (208) 885-0224 eMail Margaret Henderson
Vandal Scholarship Fund
Shelly Robson VSF North Idaho Development Coordinator (208) 651-7992 eMail Shelly Robson
Media Relations
Becky Paull Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations (FB, Golf) (208) 885-0245 eMail Becky Paull
Spencer Farrin Asst. Media Relations Director (MBB, Soccer, T&F) (208) 885-7065 eMail Spencer Farrin
Idaho Vandal Sports Properties
Tom Morris Associate General Manager (208) 882-83822051 eMail Tom Morris
Ticket Office
Kera Bardsley Ticket Office Manager (208) 885-5757
Vandal Experience Customer Service Representatives (208) 885-6466 eMail Vandal Experience
Vandal Academic Support Services
Tom Sanford Academic Coordinator (208) 885-0249 eMail Tom Sanford
Nikita Amy Academic Assistant
Athletic Training
Barrie Steele Director of Student-Athlete Services / Head Athletic Trainer (208) 885-0212 eMail Barrie Steele
Megan Shifflett Assistant Athletic Trainer (208) 885-0256 eMail Megan Shifflett
Strength and Conditioning
Jake Scharnhorst Head Strength and Conditioning Coach (208) 885-0144 eMail Jake Scharnhorst
Joe Herold Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (208) 885-4988 eMail Joe Herold
Nate Barry Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach (208) 885-4988 eMail Nate Barry
Tyler Beck Graduate Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach eMail Tyler Beck
Damien Garnett Director of Athletic Equipment Operations (208) 885-9260 eMail Damien Garnett
Anthony Castro Equipment Manager (208) 885-0222 eMail Anthony Castro
University Support Services
Tyson Drew Kibbie Dome Manager (208) 885-7353 eMail Tyson Drew
Men's Basketball
Don Verlin Head coach (208) 885-0275 eMail Don Verlin
Mike Freeman Assistant Coach (208) 885-0275 eMail Mike Freeman
Tim Murphy Assistant Coach (208) 885-4381 eMail Tim Murphy
Chris Helbling Director of Men's Basketball Operations (208) 885-0275 eMail Chris Helbling
Women's Basketball
Jon Newlee Head Coach (208) 885-0227 eMail Jon Newlee
Jordan Green Assistant Coach (208) 885-0239 eMail Jordan Green
Christa Sanford Assistant Coach (208) 885-4696 eMail Christa Sanford
Kristi Zeller Assistant Coach eMail Kristi Zeller
Cross Country
Wayne Phipps Head Coach (208) 885-0210 eMail Wayne Phipps
Patrick Libey Secondary/Special Teams Coordinator (208) 885-0275 eMail Patrick Libey
Eti Ena Defensive line (208) 885-0275
Torey Hunter Cornerbacks eMail Torey Hunter
Al Pupunu Tight ends coach (208) 885-0275 eMail Al Pupunu
Chris Baltzer Defensive Graduate Assistant (208) 885-0275
Kevin Small Offensive Graduate Assistant (208) 885-0275
Mark Vaught Assistant Athletic Director for Football Operations eMail Mark Vaught
Tevita Halaholo Offensive Student Assistant (208) 885-0275
Brandon Artz Defensive Student Assistant
Men's Golf
John Means Head Coach (208) 885-5244 eMail John Means
Women's Golf
Lisa Johnson Head Coach (208) 885-5244 eMail Lisa Johnson
Scott Barnicle Assistant coach eMail Scott Barnicle
Peter Showler Head Coach (208) 885-5047 eMail Peter Showler
Grant Williams Assistant Coach (208) 885-9438 eMail Grant Williams
Ashley O'Brien Assistant Coach (208) 885-9438 eMail Ashley O'Brien
Swimming & Diving
Mark Sowa Swimming and Diving Head Coach (208) 885-0265 eMail Mark Sowa
Men's Tennis
Jeff Beaman Director of Tennis (208) 885-0247 eMail Jeff Beaman
Kevin Lee Volunteer Assistant Coach
Women's Tennis
Daniel Pollock Head Women's Tennis Coach (312) 714-0874 eMail Daniel Pollock
Natalie Kirch Volunteer Assistant Coach
Track & Field
Wayne Phipps Director of Track & Field (208) 885-0210 eMail Wayne Phipps
Julie Taylor Head Track & Field Coach (208) 885-5105 eMail Julie Taylor
Jason Graham Jumps (208) 885-5101
Tim Taylor Throws
Angela Whyte Sprints/Hurdles
Debbie Buchanan Head Coach (208) 885-0238 eMail Debbie Buchanan
Brian Lamppa Assistant Coach (208) 885-0263 eMail Brian Lamppa
Steve Whitaker Assistant Coach (208) 885-0246 eMail Steve Whitaker
Kara Kiefer Director of Volleyball Operations eMail Kara Kiefer

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