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Vandal Speed, Strength and Conditioning
Courtesy: Idaho Athletic Media Relations
          Release: 11/22/2010
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The Vandal Speed, Strength and Conditioning Department focuses on improving student-athletes' performance capabilities and reducing their likelihood of injuries. These two objectives are achieved through the development of multifaceted programs, working to constantly challenge and develop better all-around athletes. We strive to give sport coaches a better product on the court or field. All areas of Vandal Strength and Conditioning programs require an athlete's maximum effort and focus.

The foundation of our strength-training program resides in ground-based, multi-joint exercises utilizing free-weights. Variations of Olympic lifts, squatting, pressing, and pulling exercises are implemented to develop strength, power, balance, and coordination. Speed mechanics, footwork, plyometrics, and agility drills are used to increase linear speed, foot-speed, explosive power, and change of direction capabilities. We incorporate proprioception drills to increase an athlete's balance and body awareness, as well as a multitude of static and dynamic flexibility exercises to help improve joint range-of-motion and reduce the probability of soft tissue injuries. Our sport-specific conditioning drills are designed to prepare our athletes to compete at their highest level, while utilizing work-to-rest ratios and drills specific to game competition.

Vandal Speed, Strength, and Conditioning programs aim to build mentally and physically tough student-athletes. In addition, the programs implemented will constantly strive to build team cohesiveness, accountability, discipline and athletes with a great work ethic.

The Vandal Strength staff will constantly strive to improve their knowledge base and coaching abilities. We will work to design, implement, and coach great speed, strength, and conditioning programs. Our goal is to provide Vandal student-athletes with all the resources possible to meet their potential as individuals and as a team. We are either getting better or getting worse, we never stay the same.

Getting to Gripz with the Vandals....
At the University of Idaho, we are constantly striving to increase athletes' performance capabilities and reduce the likelihood of injuries. The Vandals are always looking to better themselves and find new and innovative ways to become better athletes. In our quest for excellence, the Vandal Strength and Conditioning Department has identified a revolutionary strength training tool called Fat Gripz.

Fat Gripz help to increase upper body strength, muscularity, and reduce the chance of injury. Fat Gripz are an effective tool to increase athletes' grip strength and add variety into training regimens. As a result, the Vandals are now implementing the use of Fat Gripz in their Strength and Conditioning programs.

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