2015-16 Idaho Athletics Staff Directory

Department Mailing Address:
Kibbie-ASUI Activity Center
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2302
Moscow, ID 83844-2302

Athletics Fax: (208) 885-2862

Area code (208) unless otherwise designated.

Moscow is in the Pacific Time Zone.

Rob Spear Director of Athletics 885-0243 Email
Tim Mooney Associate AD for External Operations 885-0258 Email
Jessica Atkins Senior Woman Administrator/Director of NCAA Compliance 885-0214 Email
 Brian Wolf Faculty Athletic Representative 885-6777
Margaret Henderson Administrative Assistant
(Finance, Business, Golf, Personnel)
885-0224 Email
Amber Pittman Administrative Assistant
(AD, S&D, Tennis, T&F, XC, VB, WBB)
885-0243 Email
Amy Schumaker Administrative Assistant
(FB, MBB, Soccer)
885-0275 Email
Margret Sayler Administrative Assistant
(Reception, Academics, Compliance)
885-2692 Email
 Academic Support Services
Susan Steele Director of Academic Services 885-0297 Email
Jessica Kyllo Academic coordinator
885-0249 Email
Irvin Stevens Academic coordinator 885-2692 Email
Bryce Sinclair Academics Graduate Assistant    
Juliane Giusti Academics Graduate Assistant    
 Athletic Training
Barrie Steele Director of Student-Athlete Services
Head Athletic Trainer
885-0212 Email
Erin Bierstedt Assistant Athletic Trainer 885-0256 Email
Toby van Amerongen Assistant Athletic Trainer 885-0225 Email
Matt Townsend Graduate Athletic Trainer (XC, T&F)  


Bryan Gima-Derrow Graduate Athletic Trainer (FB)  


Erin Hento Graduate Athletic Trainer (VB)  


Justin Nadeau Graduate Athletic Trainer (FB)  


Chris Walsh Graduate Athletic Trainer (SC)   Email
Alli Ziegel Graduate Athletic Trainer (SW&D)   Email
 Equipment Services
Damien Garnett Assistant AD for Equipment Operations, Licensing & Branding
885-9260 Email
Anthony Castro Equipment Manager 885-0222 Email
 Idaho Vandals Sports Properties (208) 882-8382
Tom Morris General Manager x2050 Email
Matt Martin Associate General Manager x2051 Email
Ryan Gilmore Assistant AD for Marketing and Branding 885-0276 Email
Kaitlin Parsons Assistant Marketing Director 885-7249 Email
 Media Relations
Becky Paull Assistant AD for Media Relations
(FB, Golf, S&D)
885-0245 Email
Seth Pringle Assistant Media Relations Director
(WBB, VB, Tennis)
885-7065 Email
Joe St. Pierre

Assistant Media Relations Director

885-0211 Email
 Strength and Conditioning
Jake Scharnhorst Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 885-0144 Email
Joe Herold Associate Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 885-4988 Email
Miles Gemberling Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 885-4988 Email
Isaiah Phelps Graduate Assistant Strength Coach 885-4988 Email 
 Ticket Office
Chris Apenbrink Director of Ticket Operations
885-0733 Email
Glendon Hardin
Ticket Sales Manager 885-0732 Email
  Ticket Office General Sales 885-6466 Email
 University Support Services
Rob Anderson Kibbie Dome Manager 885-7353  
Joe Hunt Kibbie Dome Maintenance Manager 885-9262 Email
Dan Lawson Aquatics Director 885-0268 Email
 Vandal Scholarship Fund
Tim Mooney
Associate AD for External Operations 885-0258 Email
Brent Vicino Assistant AD/Executive Director VSF 885-0216 Email
Emily Adams VSF Development Coordinator (Moscow) 885-0259 Email
  VSF Development Coordinator (Southern Idaho)    
Troy Nealey Development Coordinator (Western Washington)   Email
Shelly Robson VSF Development Coordinator (North Idaho) 651-7992 Email
 Video Services
Tim Jackson Video Coordinator 885-4404 Email
Nathaniel Chu
Video Assistant 885-4404  Email
 Men's Basketball
Don Verlin Head Coach 885-0275 Email
Tim Murphy Assistant Coach 885-4381 Email
Kirk Earlywine Assistant Coach 885-0275 Email
Zac Claus Assistant Coach 885-2064 Email 
Tim Marrion Director of Basketball Operations    
 Women's Basketball
Jon Newlee Head Coach 885-0227 Email
Christa Sanford Associate Head Coach 885-4696 Email
Kristi Zeller Assistant Coach 885-0203 Email
Jeri Jacobson Assistant Coach   Email
Angie Bjorklund Graduate Assistant     
 Cross Country
Tim Cawley Director of Track & Field/Cross Country 970-988-4919 Email
Travis Floeck Assistant Coach  208-310-5024 Email
Paul Petrino Head coach
885-0275 Email
Kris Cinkovich Asst. HC/offensive coordinator/offensive line
885-0275 Email
 Mike Breske Defensive Coordinator/safeties 885-0275  
Jason Shumaker Recruiting coordinator/running backs 885-0275 Email
Aric Williams Cornerbacks 885-0275  
Eric Brown Linebackers 885-0275 Email
Bryce Erickson Quarterbacks 885-0275 Email
Kenny Holmes Defensive line 885-0275  
Charley Molnar Wide receivers 885-0275 Email
Al Pupunu Tight Ends 885-0275 Email
Bobby Daly Director of Football Operations 885-0103  
Mark Slack  Graduate Assistant 885-0275  Email
Nick Gilbert Graduate Assistant 885-0275 Email
Bo Moos
Graduate Assistant 885-0275  
Gerald Munns Graduate Assistant 885-0275  
 Men's Golf
John Means Head Coach 885-5244 Email
 Women's Golf
Lisa Johnson

Head coach



Chessy Thomas Assistant Coach 885-5244  
Derek Pittman Head Coach 885-5047 Email
Laura Jackson Assistant Coach 885-9438 Email
Josh Davis Assistant Coach 885-9438 Email
 Swimming & Diving
Mark Sowa Head Coach 885-0265 Email
Jim Southerland Diving Coach 885-4970 Email
Kelsie Saxe Assistant Coach 885-4970 Email
 Men's Tennis
Abid Akbar Head Coach 885-0247  
Cristobal Ramos Assistant Coach
 Women's Tennis
Mariana Cobra Head Coach 885-0247 Email
 Track & Field
Tim Cawley Director of Track & Field/Cross Country 970-988-4919 Email
Travis Floeck Assistant coach - Cross country/distance 208-310-5024 Email
Cathleen Cawley Assistant Coach - Sprints, hurdles, relays
970-690-3489 Email
Jason Fearheiley Assistant Coach   Email
Debbie Buchanan Head Coach 885-0238 Email
Brian Lamppa Assistant Coach 885-0263 Email
Kara Keifer Assistant Coach 885-0246 Email
TBA Graduate Assistant   Email