Time Management Tips


·            Create semester schedule.  Include due dates, test dates, and other important events. 

·        Use your semester schedule as a basis to create an hour-based weekly schedule. 

·        Schedule fixed blocks of time first. 

·        Schedule time for daily activities:

-          Eating

-          Sleeping

-          Exercising

·        Plan for a minimum of 2 hours of study time for every hour in class. 

·        Schedule time for fun.

·        Allow for flexibility in your schedule. 

·        Use a daily TO DO list to accomplish goals and prioritize tasks. 

·        Learn to say NO.

Managing Study Time

·        Spend 15 – 20 minutes a day per class reviewing notes and clarifying points.   

·        Avoid marathon study sessions. 

-          Schedule 2 hour study sessions

-          Take a 10 minute break every hour

-          Avoid studying similar subjects together

·        Set specific study goals for each session.

·        Study during your best time of day. 

·        Use a regular study area. 

·        Study in the library.

·        Try to study during daylight hours. 


Info from: UI Tutoring and Academic Assistance Programs

Source:  Becoming a Master Student, by David Ellis. 1997