Study Tips

·         Plan 2 hours of study time for every hour you spend in class.

·         Study difficult (boring) subjects first

·         Avoid scheduling marathon study sessions.

·         Be aware of your best time of day (when your energy is highest). 

·         Use waiting time—between classes, waiting for appointments, etc. 

·         Use a regular study area (if it’s in your bedroom, read #7).

·         Don’t get too comfortable. 

·         Occasionally use a library for studying; you may need research materials to help. 

·         Pay attention to your attention!  Catch your attention wandering and bring it back. 

·         Agree with living mates about study time.

·         Avoid noise distractions.

·         Notice how others misuse your time.  Ask for their cooperation.

·         Get off the phone.

·         Learn to say, “No, not now; perhaps later.”

·         Hang a “do not disturb” sign on your door. 

·         Ask:  What is one task I can accomplish toward my goal? 

·         Ask:  Am I beating myself up?

·         Ask:  Is perfection necessary?  Know when to lighten up on yourself a bit, and know when you really cannot afford to do that.  Do not always approach everything the same way. 
Ask:  How did I just waste time?  If that was not really in my best interest, how can I keep from doing that next time? 

·         Ask:  If my occupation were that of a student, would I pay myself for the job I am doing right now?


Info from: UI Tutoring and Academic Assistance Programs

From Becoming a Master Student.  Thanks to Student Advising and Learning Center at W. S. U.